The Nintaus N9901 Page

This page describes some things about your Nintaus that doesn't come with your manual

  • First of all for those who still don't know how to change regions here it goes again:
    1. Open the lid
    2. put in te numbers (with the remote) 9,9,2,6 one in a row after each other.(You will see X signs for each number on the screen)
    3. Choose region (0 is region-free)
    4. play and test
    The first anouced code was 2,2,9,6 instead of the 9,9,2,6. 
    NOTE: this was taken from Ove Tegné post at vcdhelp
    You can find out more on the Nintaus on vcdhelp here.

  • An interesting page if you are thinking to take a deaper look inside your Nintaus would be Nintaus N9901 Repair page .

  • Here we will learn how to update the Firmeware in the DVD-ROM of NIntaus.

    First , let me make this VERY CLEAR , do a mistake and you'll be very sorry you have tried it ,
    so doublecheck everything also i will take no responcibility in case something goes wrong,
    it's all up to you.
    You can find the Original documentation for this procedure and other Firmeware at Apex/Hiteker* DVD Hacking Pages.
    An other warning not all Nintaus Players have the same drive mine is an Korea DVS DSL-600A LI09
    which i updated to LI18.

    STEP 1
    Open up your Nintaus , i hope that you realise that opening your Nintaus kills your Waranty.
    Also only do an update if you have problems with you Nintaus reading some disks, I couldn't read
    most of the DVD-R discs on the market , i do now.
    If you want to continue anyway start by removing 2 screews on your middle left , 2 screews on
    your middle right and 2 on your top back of the unit.The result should look like this

    STEP 2
    Identifying your drive is the next step, examine your drive lables. there shoul be one on each side.
    In my case :

    You can see clearly on one lable that the drive is an DVS DSL-600A and the fireware version is LI09 on
    the other. In this case you are ready to continue. Just for fun i did conect the drive to my computer ( You don't need to do this ) Here is the result.

    STEP 3
    The firmeware , let's choose the one that is good for us. Don't do a mistake here or you'll be sorry,
    First if your drive is not an DVS DSL-600A don't continue take a look in Apex/Hiteker* DVD Hacking Pages and
    let me know.
    Now the Firmware lable of my drive is LI09 as you can se so the the Firmware type is LI version 9, be very careful not to mixup the letters.
    Firmeware TypeVersionComent
    LD12Some issues exist with MP3 and SVCD playback with LD-12
    LD11This is not an CDR update you will have to connect the drive to your computer.
    If you have choosed LD11 do not continue read the instructions in your zip file

    STEP 4
    Create the CD . First you have to burn a CD with the files in your zip use :

    Volume Label: ATPLDR_DOWN
    File System: ISO9660
    Mode 1: CD-ROM
    Joliet is not needed but you need to fill some 40 Megs worth of files , just create a folder and put some mp3 inside.
    OK burned it ? take a look inside your player you will see an IDE cable leaving the DVD-ROM unit and conecting to
    the mainboard on your left, disconect it ( don't force it , it should come out easy ).Now it should look like this

    STEP 5
    Connect your Nintaus to an UPS if possible if not any socket will do just pray that there is no energy failure.

    1) Power on the DVD Player.
    2) Open the tray (and remove any disc if present).
    3) Turn off the player's power (with the tray open) using the POWER button on the player (NOT the remote control).
    4) disconnect your IDE cable if you haven't done so.
    5) Put the upgrade CD in the tray.
    6) Power on the DVD Player using the power button on the DVD player. The tray will close by itself immediately after power-up.
    7) Wait until the tray opens by itself (should be a few seconds).
    8) Take the CD out.
    9) Wait until the tray closes by itself (should take a bit more ).
    10) Power off the DVD player
    11) Connect the ATAPI cable again.
    12) Power on the DVD player using the Power button on the player
    NOTE folow the instruction exacly don't jump any step and note step 9 is very important if you don't wait
    for the tray to close itself you 'll be in trouble.

    thats all folks just close your player and have fun